Top 10 Slowest Animals in the World


5 – Koala Bear

Koala bear comes under a special sub category of mammals called marsupial. It is not at all a member of bears, but it looks like bears native to Australia. The strong limbs and claws of koala bear help them to climb on trees in no time and eat leaves of trees. Kola bears are one of slowest animals because of their poor at eye sight, they spend most of the time in trees.
Koala bears have thicky padded tails, let them to sit in trees for hours. They have an excellent sense of smell and sounds, so they recognize the predators very easily.

4 – The dwarf sloth*

The dwarf sloth is much smaller than its larger cousin and lives only in mangrove forests on an island in Panama, Escudo de Veraguas Island. The exact number of dwarf sloths still alive is not known, but it is estimated at around a hundred.


3 – The Sloth

The Sloth is renowned for its ability to stay in one place without moving for hours. When he deigns to move around, that is to say about once a week, he only covers 12 meters in 60 minutes. 7 days are necessary for him to cover 1 kilometer! This arboreal mammal lives mainly in the trees of tropical forests in America, but can be seen in zoos and animal parks around the world.


2 – The horticultural slug

In 1 second, the slug travels 1/2 mm… Which corresponds more or less to 1 small km in one night, which finally leaves it the possibility of eating many leaves of salad plans in the vegetable garden! But this is possible as long as the surrounding temperature allows it because the Slug stops activating below 5 ° C and it does not survive negative temperatures from -3 ° C.

1 – The snail

our garden snail is the most used for the famous Snail races known all over the world. The approved record speed is 9.90 m in 1 hour. But a lambda snail without being a thunderbolt is still – in the long run – a little faster than the slug.