10 DIY Cat Treats: Impress Your Kitty With Yummy Goodies


Do you love to cook, bake and spend time in the kitchen? I have to admit – I really don’t. But I love to treat kitties with delicious treats from time to time so I’ve picked out a few simple DIY cat treats that I’m sharing with you today. These yummy treats mostly require only a few ingredients so if you also prefer being outside of the kitchen, it will only take a little of your time to make something special for your feline.

Before you start baking and treating your kitty with these delicious goodies, keep in mind that treats for cats are like cookies for humans. They taste excellent and we love to eat them, but they are not something you should eat every day and in large quantities. The same applies to cats and kitty treats – they shouldn’t make the majority of your cat’s diet. To be exact, treats should not make more than 5% of your cat’s daily food intake. To be on the safe side, limit the number of treats you give to your feline to 3-4 treats a day.

Some of these recipes contain tuna which should not be given to young kittens because of the amount of mercury it contains.

Now, let’s get bakin’ and makin’ goodies for our kitties.

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